Throughout July and August, we are exploring Prayer, in a series of short videos, which can be viewed on Facebook here, or we’re @PeninsulaChurch on Instagram.

This series comes with some basic assumptions – that prayer is worthwhile*, yet it’s surprisingly hard to do consistently – for all sorts of reasons. A video is being posted every three days – below is a list of them (links are to Facebook)

*I think basic shared assumptions like this might be useful here, rather than spending the first five episodes justifying praying at all… – but if that’s not your perspective it may still be that you find something useful in these.

1. Introduction
2. Finding Time
3. Finding Time [Pausing]
4. Finding Time [& Excitement]
5. Finding Time [sans distractions]
6. Finding Words [to come as we are]
7. Finding Words [The Lord’s Prayer]
8. Finding Words [in a Pandemic]
9. Finding Words [of surrender]
10. Finding Words [to be thankful]
11. Finding Words [to worship]
12. Retreat
13. Finding Words [of confession]
14. Listening

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