Family Easter Trail

Very excited about our children’s Easter trail in collaboration with Knight Dragon. 

There are now ten (egg-shaped, non-edible!) clues hidden around The Tide (and close to the Tide) until the end of Monday 5th. Each clue is a letter of the alphabet – some of them are quite high up so careful looking is required! You don’t need to touch any clue or go into any building (except to pick up the sheet!)

If you live in Upper or Lower Riverside you can pick up an activity sheet from UR Concierge or the Aperture, depending on where you live. If GMV, you can pick up from Cafe Pura, and then once you’ve done the trail successfully, hand in the form where you picked it up, and pick up a chocolate egg, while stocks last! 

There are ten clues roughly around the Tide area, each a particular letter of an Easter phrase. [NB GMVers, Cafe Pura is shut on Sunday, so do pick up a sheet beforehand if you’d like to take part!!]

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