Our Values

Easter dawn fire by the river

The Parish of East Greenwich has an overarching vision for growth. We have a clear sense of our identity, values, purpose and mission priorities. This has led to an exciting and dynamic parish-wide Mission Action Plan… 

Our Purpose

Communion by the river

We exist to gather, grow, love and serve

Our Values


"Rooted" image

By this we mean we are rooted in God
and in his love for us.
We seek to show this in everything we do and say.


"Exploring" image

By this we mean to explore what it means to be a follower of Jesus, and to discover the needs of those around us and seek to meet them.


"Authentic" image

By this we mean being honest about who we are
as we seek to live out in our lives
what we believe in our hearts.


"Loving" image

By this we mean we seek to love God, love each other,
and love those around us.

Our Mission Priorities:

Woman and child working together


Growing our spiritual life together

Children and young people

Loving service to the community

Caring for creation